Indonesia Inventors Day Report 2021

Indonesia Inventors Day is an for international platfrom local and also international inventors research scientists to present their innovations and inventions. The Indonesia Inventors day aims to appreciate those people who have dedicated themselves to create a new and bright idea that will be useful for people and the world. Focus of this event is an exhibition and competition in which the participants can bring their final product, sample, prototype or mock-up to be presented in Indonesia Inventors day.

We are proud to announce that this year Indonesia Inventors Day is participated by more than 270 projects coming from 23 countries, which are; Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, USA, Canada, Australia, Jordania, Poland, and Morocco. As for the jurors, we invited more than 20 jurors coming from 10 countries, to judge more than 200+ projects from International participants and some of Indonesian participants by Virtual. And today, we are going to judge the 60 teams of Offline or physical participants, that have travelled along the way from their hometown only for participating in Indonesia Inventors Day.

Having the tagline “Diamond of Innovation”, the Indonesia Inventors Day aspires from the whole process of innovations to become high-value technology of diamond process. An idea that has not ripped yet is like the carbon material who has no worth. Through the various stages of a long process, pressure and high temperature, and some adjustments, it becomes a diamond which is one of the most expensive material in the world. This process is a same case with innovations that are participated on the IID.

Hopefully, IID will be a place for the innovators to show that their innovation is a diamond that has been formed and having high-value. This year, IID bringing up the theme “Rise Innovation, Safe Generation”. This theme is related to post pandemic situation that required the revival of innovation in every aspects, so it can recover the national condition. It is hoped, that the revival of innovation can stem the creative and innovative mindset of the younger generation, so that they can become the pillars of the world in the future.