Indonesia Inventors Day 2023
HYBRID Competition

Indonesia Inventors Day is an International platform for local and international inventors, researchers, and scientists to present their invention and innovation to the International level. At first, Indonesia Inventors Day aims to appreciate those people who have dedicated themselves in creating a new and bright idea for the human needs. In the recent years, Indonesia Inventors Day also serves function to help inventors prepare and develop their product for commercialization through an incubation opportunity,  investment linkage, financial access and others.

Indonesia Inventors Day or shortly IID, was firstly introduced in 2019. Previously, it was a separated exhibition under the name of International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA) and World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX). With different focused of goals, the two agenda was then merged under the name of Indonesia Inventors Day. Every year, Indonesia Inventors Day always carries a theme that can reach the goals of the event. This year, Indonesia Inventors Day bringing up the theme “Inno-fun-tion for Everyone”. The goal is to further promoting the importance of innovation for everyone also showing people about how fun innovation is.

The event will take a two-days exhibition and competition for both local and International participants. Participants can show their innovative ideas or projects in the form of design, mock op, prototype or ready for commercialization product. A global visitor and investor will be invited to look up for some interesting projects. To add excitement, judges will also go around the participants’ booth to choose the best projects that is entitled to win tens of millions rupiah total prize.

  1. Fostering culture of innovation 
  2. Introducing local innovations to the International stage
  3. Sharing knowledge and experience between global inventors
  4. Improving students’ creativity and way of thinking
  5. Initiating downstream process for local innovations
  • Stem-Based International Invention Competition (for inventors below 15 years old) 
  • International Invention Competition for IYIA (for students 15-18 years old)
  • International Invention Competition for WINTEX (for adult inventors 18 years old)

UPTD. Taman Budaya – Dinas Kebudayaan

Venue : Werdhi Budaya Art Center, Bali – Indonesia
Date : 16-19 September 2023

Individual Booth (1*1 sqm) can be used for 1 invention.

Sharing booth (2*2 sqm) can be used up to 2 inventions.

Sharing booth (2*3 sqm) can be used up to 3 inventions.

On-site Participation
  • Exhibition Booth (depends on the chosen size of booth)
  • Floor covering
  • Information Name Boards
  • 1 information desk, 1 chair (per team)
  • Electricity (220V/60Hz)
  • Entry fee for 7 people in a team
  • Awarding ceremony ticket for all participants + supervisor
  • On-site Judging
  • Medal (for rewarded team only)
  • Participants Exhibition Directory List
  • Special IID 2023 Goodie Bag + Souvenir (per team)
  • Certificate of Participation + folder (maximum 5/team)
  • Supervisor Certificate of Appreciation 
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Bus Shuttle during the exhibition (in selected hotel only)
  • City Tour (limited slot only, first register first get)
Online Participation
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual Opening Ceremony
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual Awarding Ceremony
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual IID Webinar 
  • Virtual Judging 
  • Medal (for rewarded team only)
  • Participants Exhibition Directory List
  • Special IID 2023 Goodie Bag + Souvenir (per team)
  • Certificate of Participation + folder (maximum 5/team)
  • Supervisor Certificate of Appreciation 
Judging Mechanism
  • Virtual judging by Zoom for Long Distance Participation
  • On-site judging at the venue for Physical participation
  • There will be 2 judges for each team
  • Judging duration will be approximately 15 minutes (5 minutes presentation and 10 minutes QnA session)
  • Judging will be deliverd in English
  • Participants can present a Power Point Presentation of Video Product
Judging Scoring

To let you know, Indonesia Inventors Day adopt the “International Labour Principle of Invention Judging Mechanism” with regulations and adjustment as follow:

  • Score 95-100 : Best Awards, Grand Prize, International Awards Recognition
  • Score 85-94 : Gold Medals Awardee
  • Score 75 – 84 : Silver Medals Awardee
  • Score 65 – 74 : Bronze Medals Awardee
  • Score < 65 : Honorable Mention

* Please be informed that judges decision is final and inviolable.

**Please refer to the Competition Guidelines for Judging Criteria in each competition category.

Rewards and Awards
  • Grand Prize & Best Inventions (Cash Prize Total Value Tens of Millions Rupiah)
  • Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal
  • International Recognition Awards
  • Local & Overseas Scholarship (Total Value Hundreds of Millions Rupiah)
  • Incubation Opportunity from Indonesian Incubators
On-site Participation :
  • A physical exhibition will be held at Werdhi Budaya Art Centre Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Local participants (Indonesians) can take part in this physical exhibition.
  • International participants who are going to participate physically must follow the regulation from Indonesian Government regarding travel to Indonesia policy during the Covid-19 situation. More information please check this
  • To ensure safety condition, the Organizer suggests maximum 2 people + 1 supervisor from each team at the same time.
  • Team with more than 2 members can take turns with their other team members while staying in the booth.
  • As per April 2022, Indonesian government decided only people with 3 doses of vaccination can travel without taking the PCR or Antigen test. Any updates must be monitored regularly via this website.
  • Participants and visitors must have their temperature checked with a maximum temperature of 37.5 C and scanning the Peduli Lindungi Application before entering the venue.
  • Mask is still required to be worn during the event.
  • During the event, participants and visitors must follow the Health Protocol that has been determined by the committee.
Online Participation :
  • Participants who will take part in Online participation are a long-distance International participants or International participants who are not able to travel to Indonesia.
  • Online participants are required to submit the documents needed and prepare the judging presentation materials (either Power Point or Video)
  • Participants must follow all the Virtual programs that has been arranged by the committee (especially the Virtual judging session with schedule will be given later)

Kindly please be informed that the information below is based on updates per May 2022, for any updates please visit this website regularly.

For Indonesian travellers:

ü  No Antigen/PCR test needed for travellers with 3rd doses of vaccination

ü  1st doses of vaccination is required to show PCR test result and 2nd doses of vaccination can show Antigen test result

ü  Download and scan Peduli Lindungi Apps before entering the venue


For International travellers:

ü  Having receive a Covid-19 vaccine and register your vaccine card here

ü  Download Peduli Lindungi Application (in Playstore or Appstore), to claim your vaccine certificate

ü  Completed the e-HAC form in Peduli Lindungi Application (1 family 1 account)

ü  A negative RT-PCR result taken 24 hours before departure

ü  Upon arrival travellers will have to undergo a health check for symptoms related to Covid

ü  No quarantine for travellers who have no Covid symptoms and have received the 3rd doses of vaccination 14 days before departure

ü  Proof of ownership a health insurance with minimum coverage value USD 25.000 which include financing for handling Covid

ü  Proof of booking confirmation and payment for accommodation while in Indonesia

Kindly please be informed that the information below is based on updates per May 2022, for any updates please ask your airlines or watch for any updates regularly.

  • International Flights: please contact your airlines regarding the PCR or Antigen result requirements during flight. Certain airlines have different regulation about this.
  • Local Flight:
    • As per April 2022, no PCR or Antigen test result is needed for travellers with 3 doses of vaccination.
    • An Antigen test result is needed for travellers with 2 doses of vaccination.
    • A PCR test result is needed for travellers with 1 dose of vaccination.